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Long time...
03.11.04 (1:15 pm)   [edit]
Well, it's been a long time since I last posted. So let me update everyone...

The probem has been solved, and I'm back at the university of my own accord. Taking a very interesting casual physics course (no equations!) this quarter.

And... work on my operating system (named Cefarix) is going fullspeed! Working on the file system right now (almost done).

Oh yeah...
01.26.04 (2:13 pm)   [edit] check that out! She hates men, but I still like her ;)

01.24.04 (7:19 am)   [edit]
this nice "old" lady that comes to the #islam channel regularly said this today (as a joke of course) when i mentioned my business plans (the ISP etc)

[b] tzip: All Muslims are supposed to be riding camels in deserts, eating little flat wheat cakes with figs on them, swinging swords around all over the place, and wearing long robes. Then here YOU guys sit, wanting isp's with e-mail, webspace, domain names and shell accounts. Revoltin'! [/b]

:D :D :D :D !!! Oh and, do comment on that! tell me whatcha thinks! :wink:

Mom called and...
01.23.04 (3:48 am)   [edit]
My mom called this morning and delivered the ultimatum:

[b]We (my parents) won't support your business unless you pass this quarter at the university.[/b]

:x :x :x :x :x :x :x !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh BOY yeah thats real GOOD news right? :x

im not gonna pass this quarter guaranteed, although i could have...but i cant. so i lose the university, AND i lose my business idea...what more? my life?

My pic...
01.22.04 (4:45 am)   [edit]
Well, as everyone can see now, I've uploaded my pic as avatar so now all of you people can see me :wink:

presentation done!
01.21.04 (3:32 am)   [edit]
woohoo ok im done with my damned presentation :D
im search for some tele-education universities to get my bachelors from... i REALLY cannot study on campus :(

I just made this up and then...
01.20.04 (2:29 pm)   [edit]
I posted the following on #islam Undernet:

* Khalifa thinks about making hijabs with microvesicles filled with cooling/heating fluid, as well two small unnoticeable and quite ventilation tubes with fans, and magnetic locks, along with motorized raising/lowering of the niqab. Do you want to become a 21st Century Hijabi? Then buy ElectroHijabs!

How many of you would actually buy such hijabs :D Got a lot of responses on IRC...

Post your comments on this one for sure!!! :D

I posted it as a joke....but now I might actually market them someday :D

01.20.04 (1:16 pm)   [edit]
finshed making the presentation! :D now just have to present it tomorrow...

double post...see above
01.20.04 (1:15 pm)   [edit]

feeling lousy :(
01.19.04 (7:29 am)   [edit]
OK so today I'm feeling reaaally lousy. Skipped class today...have a group meeting at 9:30 PM for the presentation. :?

I hate to study in universities --- or any formal academic institution for that matter. It squishes my brains...stifles my creativity, makes me depressed etc etc etc etc etc etc :x if there are any gifted people out there can you please contact me?

And check out this describes me very well as I have all the characteristics described in it. Or you can see address if you dont have acrobat reader installed. For some reason i couldnt use the href html tags to make the second link clickable so cut & paste...i think link was too long and being broken up onto two lines. Weird :roll:

01.18.04 (6:21 pm)   [edit]
Well I would like to announce my arrival on the blog scene today. I'm a 16 year old guy in Pakistan for everyone to know... and I chat on #islam IRC channel on Undernet and DALNet, as well as #islam-cafe and #Chechnya on Undernet. I lived most of my life in Texas, and yes, I've been to the NASA museum in Houston 8)

Now :arrow: ... for the news today... I have to meet with my group members for a presentation due on Wednesday for my Communication Skills class. It's about the National Budget (of Pakistan), and How it Affects Us All.

Must work hard to make boring topic interesting. Must work hard to make boring topic interesting. Must work hard to make boring topic interesting. :roll: :x

Interesting to both the group members, including me, and the audience...
Well I hope you guys stick around as stuff in my life unravels online in my blog. This is also a good outlet to get rid of those pesky little things you just want to blurt out...